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My Next Great Project

What Happened to My Next Great Project?

We must apologize. We are still posting great looking models but we have been doing so in an easier, user friendly manner. We have a Pinterest site : https://www.pinterest.com/hobcen/ Here we post all kinds of great photos about the store, great models and events in the Hobby Community. Check it out. Please make sure to follow our board!  

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Hank Gruben's 1/48 Russian Mig - Airbrushed with the New Vallejo Metallic Finishes

Vallejo Metal Color acrylics To start, this is going to be an in-depth review. I’ve had the chance to use several different types of this wonderful paint and the black primer on a number of different models and to put it simply, it’s a game changer… First, this is indeed an acrylic range of metallic paints. It comes in a wide range of colors: The bottle size is good value for money as the Alclad metallics are about twice the price per volume. The bottles are plastic like the regular Vallejo paints so no worries about it drying out over...

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Marc Paul Racine's 1/48 BE2c from Roden

My first 1/48 scale kit build in a long time. I am sending it to you this way so if you want to post it on your site with this info you're welcome. It is a 1/48 Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c kit from Roden specially modified from a 2 seater to the one seater Zeppelin hunter the brits were using to defend London against the German Zeppelins in WW1.I removed and modified the front pilot seat configuration to duplicate these BE2c's they had custom-built for this purpose. I added a to-scale pilot and gave him a wavy scarf and removed...

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My Next Great Project: Earl Atkin's 1/72 WW2 Torpedo Boats

Earl submitted his collection of 1/72 WW2 Torpedo Boats for our "My Next Great Project" gallery. Earl built the Revell Germany 1/72 S-Boot, the Airfix 1/72 E-Boat, the Revell 1/72 Vosper and the Revell 1/72 PT-109. All are built out of the box and are very nicely finished models. For more photos check out the My Next Great Project photos on Pinterest. 

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My Next Great Project : Pierre Builds the Official OSAC Mascot!

Almonte OSAC Ottawa Scale Auto Contest

Pierre is a regular member of AMRO and OMCG. He took on the task of replicating the Car from the logo of the Ottawa Scale Auto Contest (OSAC) and Ottawa Model Car Group (OMCG). Using the Revell Go-Mad kit, he did some slight alterations and gave it a spiffy paint job to match the logo. She's on display in the shop and will be present at our various events.

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