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News and Updates

If you are a regular visitor to our site and you haven't seen many changes or updates, we apologize!

All projects are underway and we are working to have them completed soon.

The expansion into our increased space is ongoing. We have opened the expanded space but are still placing all of our fixtures, racks and products throughout the entire expanse.

The integration of our online store to our real life inventory. As our store specializes in thousands of different things but not great quantities of things, it is crucial to serve you better that our online sale items reflect what we actually have in the store. This project is ongoing and will take some time.

You may find things disappearing and either reappearing or replaced as we perform the inventory integration process.

While all this is going on be sure to check out some of the fantastic items we have been putting up on our eBay store. Recently we have listed hundred of items from 2 estates that we have acquired so far in 2017..

REMEMBER if you are local, you can pickup eBay purchases in the store and save shipping and in most cases if you want to do an in store purchase of these items this can be easily accomplished.

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